29 September 2013

Larkin Poe @ Haight and Strader sang for their Lyft today

I have had some amazing moments of being a Lyft Driver over the last 5 months - that I keep promising to write about...today is that quantum leap that has inspired me to keep my promise - if only to myself.

It started, this morning, with a bit of self-care hooky:  "O.K. God, if you want me to play more, give me a sweet parking place near Sharon Meadow so I can go to Alice's Now and Zen concert."  said I, thinking that I should start Lyfting pretty soon now - I gotta pay that chaplaincy tuition.

Bingo - ignition lights up ahead! 

The most surprising band was Larkin Poe, because I hadn't heard of them (I know, I know they just played at the Greek Theatre last night...) a couple of kick ass country rock sisters from 'lanta - both drop dead beautiful, harmonizing, mandolin/guitar playing musicians - a striking pair in a brunette and a platinum.  OMG their music was fun.

After Walk Off the Earth, Plain White T’s the ground was getting pretty hard and I walked out to the hordes waiting to get in.  They were past capacity.  "One Solo going out."  And I am sure another  grateful solo going in to hear One Republic. 

I got into my car, pulled out the pink Mustaches and my signature pink feather boa in the front window and started my app.  I passed - a striking pair of women - one a brunette and another a platinum playing on the corner.  I checked myself, stopped, parked and walked back to hear.  There was Rebecca with her mandolin and Megan harmonizing beside her.  "Hey, its great to see you?" They had met some old friends... apparently and created a San Francisco moment right there while they waited at Haight and Strader.  "We were just waiting for a Lyft but can't get a signal."

I said, "Well, hey, I am a Lyft Driver, I will be right back with my car." I am not sure who was more thrilled - me or them by this synchronicity.  This is my life - one upLYFTing moment after another.  You can't make this stuff up.

So I took the opening act of Now and Zen 2013 home today. They all piled into my Jetta, gear in the trunk, and were completely delightful:  Southern charm and real grace.  I won't tell you where - its part of the fist bump oath of 5-star conduct - a hyper mix of HIPPA and Hippocratic. 

I am sworn to secrecy.